Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dicus Family Joke

Supposedly, this joke dates back all the way to high school for Ann and my dad. As Grandma's told me, one day Steve was sitting on the couch with a friend waiting for Ann to come sit down and when she did, they both jumped up... which created a joke that would be played many more times on my Aunt. When we were together last at Grandma's I caught it on video. Here is its, for all to enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dicus Family Reunion Online

Hi Everyone,

So I don't know how many in the family are big online people, but I know that my Grandma is:) I created my own blog this week and wanted to try a family blog. It was so nice to see some of you this past week as we gathered to celebrates Walt's life, and it made me think how appreciative I was for my immediate and extended family. After talking to Kelly about plans for Thanksgiving and both agreeing that as families have grown old, bigger, and father away, it has become much harder for us all to see each other on a regular basis. So this may or may not work, but I wanted to post this family blog, for any who'd like to participate.

I created a dummy email and password, so anyone of us can log on at anytime to post a blog about, well, whatever we want in hopes that we can keep updated on what we are all doing as our lives continue to evolve. Even if the posts are just to update us of a new job, a good day or maybe even a new little family member, this might be a nice way to share the news. Let me know what you think, and hopefully this is something that will keep us tied together as we continue to journey together through our ever changing and adventurous lives.

- Nicolette and crew.